Statement of Purpose

This is a statement I was recently asked to write. I decided to share it here, hoping it will help answer the question What is Listening for Good?


Personal Statement: Laura Minnigerode, Ed.M, IMH-E

I am committed to working for systemic changes in the way we support the development of children. My lifelong involvement in education has led me to focus on the youngest and therefore most vulnerable people in our society.

My goal is to implement approaches that start at the very beginning, with parents and caregivers of infants, young children and vulnerable children and families. We need to provide tools for them to find support for their parenting, to nurture relationships so that our parents and caregivers can think clearly and do the important work of nurturing and limit setting.

I am passionate in my dedication to building trust and nurturing relationships. The core of my work is listening with openness and support. In order to do this, I must also examine my own beliefs and understandings, and do the work necessary to think clearly and well of the people with whom I share work relationships.