Parenting Tools for BIPP

Lundy Bancroft Parenting Education training

In this clip, you will learn more about the kinds of Parenting Education that are helpful for batterers.

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain

This video is helpful for batterers to understand the impact on children of exposure to violence.

Hand in Hand Parenting Professionals Intensive

Here is a link to the Professionals Intensive course for more support in connected parenting education.

ETR Study on Parent-Child Connectedness

The Education Training Research Associates, (ETR) with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, conducted a literature review on the effects of parents developing a secure connection with their children early in life.

Click here for a summary of the findings of that paper

The full paper is available here: Parent-Child Connectedness: Implications for Research, Interventions, and Positive Impacts on Adolescent Health, 2004 , and provides an excellent guide for understanding the impact a strong parent child connection can have on children.

Parenting Style Quiz

This site has information for a parenting style quiz, as demonstrated in the session.

Brain State Model

This is a good graphic and explanation of the brain states, Survival, Emotions and Executive Function. (from Conscious Discipline)

Here is a good article on the basics of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model.

Printable Template for Journal Page

This is a template for a journaling activity, where participants will notice a child’s behavior. This activity can be used in a group setting. Download this document as a PDF, then print.

Brain State Scenarios

This link has some scenarios for discussing Brain States (red, blue and green) in your groups.

Thank you for coming! Please contact us with questions:

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2 thoughts on “Parenting Tools for BIPP

  1. You all were awesome at the TCFV Conference.
    I currently teach parenting, however; I am definitely interested in the training for your parenting curriculum.

    Thank you,
    Sherri Lampkin, Program Director
    Path of Righteousness Ministries BIPP
    Dallas, County


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