Laura Minnigerode: Teaching Portfolio

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Letter of Interest

Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is one of deep respect for learners and great value of process. I know that play and connection help us think more clearly, and I strive to bring experimentation and fun into the learning experience. My goal is to be an excited and interested adult who follows the lead of learners, helping them explore more and get more from their experiences. Some of my teaching heroes are Nancie Atwell and Seymour Papert, and my ideal classroom would be mostly outdoors.

This blog, Listening for Good, contains other information about some of my work with teachers and parents.

Some examples of student project work, book + cooking club:

Top row: Learning about the concept of smorgasbord, in connection with the book Snow Treasure. Bottom left and center: Breakfast dishes featuring mangoes and avocado, at a book club meeting for the book Hello, Universe. Bottom right: Homemade Thousand Island dressing, created as a unit study of foods from the 1930s. (Book was Mr. Popper’s Penguins).

Please visit for more cooking projects.

Student outdoor learning:



Left: Loose parts at Toybrary, Right: Stringing popcorn and cranberries and decorating trees, winter camp at the Barton Creek greenbelt.

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