Transferring a napping baby

Sometimes you are pleased to sit with a sleepy baby on you. Other times. you might not have the time and space in your life. Here is a method I developed by trial and error while working in the baby room at a lovely little NAEYC accredited school. I hope it is helpful- I’d love to hear if you try it and find it works for you!!

I think you will need to use this as a starting point and then tweak it to get it to work.

Baby Transfer Method
1/ Be sure baby is very asleep
2/ Start to match your breath with baby’s, if it is not already, so that you are attuned
3/ Stand up and move slowly to crib
4/ Use ‘resting hand’ on the baby’s back to stabilize- slowly transfer, and if you can transfer with less turning the better, so you might need to bend quite a bit
5/Place baby on his side, not on bag as that can lead to startling
6/ Cradle the elbow joint- also- again use a hand with a tiny bit of pressure on back. – continue to breathe slowly and exhale audibly
Baby might wake up at first. Stay with him and keep trying to match his breathing, keeping your hand on his back. He will most likely settle back in. You have not failed if you have to pick him up!
Namaste, dear mamas!

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