Two Life Changing Parenting Books as Gifts

It is about to be holiday season. Yay! for time with family. Boo for shopping (IMHO).

But this post is about books! Books are ALWAYS good, (IMHO). I have had people tell me that a book that I gave as a gift made a lasting difference in their life. How wonderful is that?

The two books below are such good ones, they could turn out to be that special, life changing thing for a friend or family member who is a parent. They are also ones you should put on your own wish list.

Listen offers a new understanding of children’s emotions and shares effective tools for easing the stress of parenting during even the most challenging interactions. Daniel Siegel describes it as ‘a science-informed, practical strategy for parenting our children well.’

Playful Parenting is ‘an exciting new approach to raising children that will help you nurture close connections, solve behavior problems, and encourage confidence.’

(Disclosure: Note that purchasing Listen from this link will help support this blog and the work we do for parents).

Happy reading and sharing! LISTEN Hi Res Cover-front_preview

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