Get Support And Connect

Parenting by Connection series

This class will provide you with brain-based tools and the support you need to use them. In the process, youll change your family life to make it feel more connected. This 6-week jump-start series will be transformative.

6 tools needed to raise a happy child
Why your child has tantrums and how you can respond to them
How your childs emotions work
How to heal your child’s fears
How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate
How to build support so you can do your best thinking, more often

Meets 5 Thursdays, 10-11:45. starting Oct. 26. During the week of Thanksgiving, class members will receive a free consultation to replace class that week! The last class is November 30, and you will start the winter with a warm glow in your family. Cost is $180 with materials, (*I offer a discount if you have previously received the class materials, and returning students are welcomed!!)


SIGN UP HERE, and start getting support to build warmth in your family:

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