Attachment theory holds that every child forms an attachment with a caregiver, and through this relationship, the child forms her ideas about her self, the world and her place in it. The goal of infant massage and touch communication is to support strong attachment with reciprocal communication.

I had the opportunity to work with the Foundation for Healthy Family Living (FHFL) in Sonoma, California to become a certified instructor of Infant Massage. Elaine Fogel Schneider, PhD, a colleague at FHFL, writes

“By using infant massage, a parent grasps the art of listening, asking permission, communicating, interpreting and responding to cues. The infant displays engagement/disengagement cues, furthers body awareness, self-esteem, listening and communication. Both infant and parent benefit from eye contact, relaxation, bonding, synchrony, love and trust.”

Infant massage classes are a supportive place where parents learn and meet other parents.

A new series starts in June, please sign up here: 

Read more about Touch Communication in this excellent article, here.

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