Parenting Tools for BIPP

Lundy Bancroft Parenting Education training

In this clip, you will learn more about the kinds of Parenting Education that are helpful for batterers.

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain

This video is helpful for batterers to understand the impact on children of exposure to violence.

Hand in Hand Parenting Professionals Intensive

Here is a link to the Professionals Intensive course for more support in connected parenting education.

ETR Study on Parent-Child Connectedness

The Education Training Research Associates, (ETR) with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, conducted a literature review on the effects of parents developing a secure connection with their children early in life.

Click here for a summary of the findings of that paper

The full paper is available here: Parent-Child Connectedness: Implications for Research, Interventions, and Positive Impacts on Adolescent Health, 2004 , and provides an excellent guide for understanding the impact a strong parent child connection can have on children.

Parenting Style Quiz

This site has information for a parenting style quiz, as demonstrated in the session.

Brain State Model

This is a good graphic and explanation of the brain states, Survival, Emotions and Executive Function. (from Conscious Discipline)

Here is a good article on the basics of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model.

Printable Template for Journal Page

This is a template for a journaling activity, where participants will notice a child’s behavior. This activity can be used in a group setting. Download this document as a PDF, then print.

Brain State Scenarios

This link has some scenarios for discussing Brain States (red, blue and green) in your groups.

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Hand in Hand Tools for Covid-19 Parenting

Please join me for a discussion about using Hand in Hand Parenting’s tools for supporting your children right now. This workshop will take place on Zoom, on June 6, 2-3:15 PM, CDT. We’ll discuss the Parenting by Connection tool to build safety for your child, another tool to help you manage your own stress. I’ll provide resources help you get started using these tools in your family. This is a judgement-free and empowering approach, all are welcome.

Please click this link to sign up

Learn how to use Special Time to build up safety and closeness, just by giving your loving attention.

Please Join Me for Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class, beginning April 2

The Starter Class covers the full set of tools from Hand In Hand Parenting to develop, maintain and repair a strong connection between you and your child or children. These tools will also help you dissolve power struggles, help your child with separation and sleep difficulties, go beyond aggression, release fears and heal from hurts. Most importantly the group will support you with being a parent and give you a tool to off load your own stress so that you can be the parent you want to be. It’s a 6 week class, and you’ll work through the Hand in Hand material on your own, with access to a set of videos. Each week, we’ll meet in a video call group, to discuss and get support. This group becomes a safe haven in the sea of parenting. I’d love to have you in the class.

Click here to sign up.

Short Video for Parents About Separation Anxiety

This is the season of beginnings for many: whether it is a new classroom, new schedule, new teacher. Remember that for our littlest ones, any separation feels like a dangerous situation. This is developmentally appropriate: our species has survived because of this response!

In this video, Grace Fleming and I discuss some of the ways to make a separation less challenging.

Separation Anxiety Tools for Parents



Laura Minnigerode: Teaching Portfolio

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Some examples of student project work, book + cooking club:

Top row: Learning about the concept of smorgasbord, in connection with the book Snow Treasure. Bottom left and center: Breakfast dishes featuring mangoes and avocado, at a book club meeting for the book Hello, Universe. Bottom right: Homemade Thousand Island dressing, created as a unit study of foods from the 1930s. (Book was Mr. Popper’s Penguins).

Please visit for more cooking projects.

Student outdoor learning:

Left: Loose parts at Toybrary, Right: Stringing popcorn and cranberries and decorating trees, winter camp at the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Presenting my research poster session at Games, Learning and Society Conference, Madison, WI. IMG_0939